CHAPTER 11 EkaDasho Adhyaya -Revelation of the Celestial Eternal Form

Humans   have undertaken all kinds of spiritual activities   to get deliverance from the     ordinary lives that they live and get themselves assimilated into the GOD’S   benevolence in order to become a particle of his larger than the universe magnetism. Men have subjected their body and souls to    many kinds of physical and cerebral penances, rituals, and experiences just to get a glimpse of the omnipresent God to get a feel of his magnificence and omnipotence. Even the lesser    gods (as the   ancient epics and the history of the Hindu culture reveals to us) have been undertaking sanyasa yoga and many    other forms of the yogic and tantric practices to get the vision of the cosmic form of the Supreme Truth.   We do not find any dependable historical and mythological reference where God has Himself    been kind enough to show to the devotee the majestic form of the worldly incarnation that he undertakes from time to time except in Srimad Bhagwad Gita.  In Srimad Bhagwad Gita lord   Krishna has displayed the cosmic form of the human reincarnation of his own celestial personality to Arjuna as a consequence of the special request made by his favored disciple.  Arjuna perhaps is the only one human being (though he too was a celestial person, but in the present form he is only a mortal human being, been born as the son of Kunti-the mother of the pandavaas), who has been bestowed with the privilege of looking at the larger than life cosmic form of the lord Krishna. In this chapter Arjuna makes a special request to his friend, charioteer, philosopher and Guide Krishna, to let him have a glimpse of the omnipotent, all powerful Worldly form of the God. The lord confers  on Arjuna   the special celestial cosmic vision to enable him have a complete look at the enormous worldly form of the lord Krishna, which as per the lord  is only a small fraction of all the powers that he wields to sustain the entire universe.

Says Arjuna to lord Krishna,

Madanu grahaay paramam guhay madhyaatam sangyitam

Yatav yoktam vachasten mohoayam vigto mam (1)

“The profound words of wisdom that you have been kind enough to speak to me have dispelled my illusion   and it has refined    my ignorance”.

Bhavaapayayo hi bhootaanaam shrutau vistarsho mayaa

Tavata kamal patraksh mahatayampi chaavayayam (2)

“Because hey lord Krishna! I have heard in detail from you about the origin of the physical beings and their destruction. I have listened to your undestructive nature too”.

Eivamaitdhyathaatth tadaatmaanam parmeshwar

Drushtum ichaami te roopmaishwaram purushotam(3)

‘Hey lord EVERY description given by you of your glory is exactly the way you describe yourself. But oh lord Krishna! I want to see in person your true glorious from of knowledge, opulence, power, potency, and the cosmic celestial    form of the God that you possess”.

Manasye yadi tachhkayam mayaa drushtumiti prabhu

Yogeshwar tatto me tavam darshy aatmaanam vayayam (4)

“Oh Lord! If it is permissible for me to look at your universal cosmic incarnation and you kindly accede to my request then oh lord of the ascetics please let me have become witness to your celebrated transcendental form of the Supreme Truth”.

Thus said Lord Krishna to his favorite devotee,

Pashaya mai parth roopaani shatshath sahastrash

Naanaa vidhaani divyaani naanaa varnaa kratini cha (5)

“ Hey  Parth now you   behold my hundreds and thousands incarnations  of multifarious kinds  , representing assorted shades, colors, and shapes. You look at all the celestial    forms that I possess and that have never been seen before. Look at the splendid creations of living and non living kind”.

Pashay aadityaanvsoon rudraanshvinau marutsatatha

Bahunya drashat purvaani pashya aashcharyaani bharat (6)

“Oh! The scion of bharata Arjuna! You must look at the various manifestations of Aditya , the twelve sons of Aditi, eight Vasus , Rudras , the sons of Ashvani the marudganas and you should also behold yet unseen forms of my manifestation which have  never been seen by anyone before and which may come to    you as a surprise”.

Ihaikastham jagat kratasan pashyaadh sacharaacharam

Mama Dehe gudaakesh yachchaanyad drashtu michchhsi (7)

“Oh Arjuna! Now you perceive the entire universe situated at one place within my celestial body and whatever you may want to perceive you can do so”.

Na tu maa shakshyase drashtumanenaiv sva chakshushaa

Divayam Dadaami te chakshu pashaya me yogamaishavaram (8)

“But you may not be able to perceive my splendor with the help of your natural eyes hence I shall now provide you with the magical eyes. You should look at my celestial powers through these transcendental eyes”.

The lord of the Gods knew it that it is not possible for an ordinary mortal soul to perceive the transcendental splendor and the celestial powers of the God, with the help of the commonplace eyes and the visions that men possess. One needs to be bestowed with the special vision by the God himself to be able to look at the powerful as well as the benevolent incarnations of the supreme truth. This transcendental vision can come to human beings only if they are able to seek the blessings of the God by becoming his dedicated devotees like Arjuna had become. Such devotion may not come to the mankind within a few births, and may take many births of different manifestations spent in praising the glory and benevolence of God.

Aiv muktavaa tatto Rajan mahaa yogeshvaro hari

Darshyaamaas parthaaya paramam roopmaishwaram (9)

“Hey King, having said this, Lord Krishna, the great spirit  of the spiritual power of yoga, revealed His supreme celestial  form to Arjuna”.

Sanjay, who has been describing the happenings of the war front to his blind kuru king Dhratrashtra, explains to him the larger than life vision of the lord Krishna as the lord unravels the celestial incarnations to his favorite disciple.

Anek vaktra nayanm aneka adbhut darshanam

Anek divyaabharanam divya aneko dhyataayudham (10)

Divya malyaa ambar dharam divya gandhanu lepanam

Sarva ashcharaymayam dev mananantam vishvto mukham (11)

“Arjuna looked at the eternal carnation of the Lord Krishna. He looked at   a celestial figure that possessed many mouths and eyes, many visions of   spectacle phenomenon, adorned with numerous divine ornaments, holding many divine weapons in the hands .dressed with many kinds of celestial garlands and attire, smeared with heavenly perfumes and ointments, full of all kinds of wonders, the eternal God with his faces facing and looking into all directions”.

Divi surya sahastrasya bhavedhyugapaduthitaa

Yadi bhaa sadarshi sa sayaahbhadaa statsaya mahaatamaan (12)

“Even the thousands of sun put together in the skies could not match the celestial light displayed by the transcendental form of the lord Krishna”.

Tatrai kastham jagat kratsanam pravibhakt manekadhaa

Apashayad devdevasay shareere pandava satadhaa (13)

“Arjuna the son of Pandu at that time saw     the complete universe divided in many   ways though situated at one place in the celestial physique of the lord Krishna”.

Tata sa vismaya aavishto harashtromaa dhananjaya

Pranamay shirsaa devam krataanjalir bhashat (14)

“Thereafter the amazed Arjuna in a very devoted manner bowed before the God of the universe and with folded hands prayed to lord Krishna”.

“My lord! I see all the supernatural gods of the universe and many communities of the physical beings in your celestial self.  I see lord Brahma seated in the midst of a lotus flower. I see lord Shiva, all the great sages and the extraterrestrial   snakes within your body”.

Anek baahudar vaktra netram pashyaami tavaam sarvato anant roopam

Naantam na madhyam na punasatavaadim pashyaami vishveshwar vishvaroop (15)

“Oh lord of the universe! I look at you possessing many arms, stomachs, mouths and the eyes. I see at you as  the manifestations of many forms. Oh the worldly incarnation I do neither see your end or the middle nor do I see your origin”.

Kireetinam gadinam chakrinam ch tejo raashim sarvato deepti mantam

Pashyaami tavaam durnirikshyam samantata ddheeptaan laarkdhyutim prameyam (17)

“I see you adorning your head crown, holding a club, the disc. I see you as a mass of sparkle, the celestial fire, and radiating like the sun that we can see with difficulty and shining all around with brilliance and glow of the holy fires”.

Tavam aksharam paramam veditavayam tavamasya vishvasay param nidhanam

Tavam vayayam shaashvata dharam goptaa sanaatan satavam purusho mato mei (18)

“I believe you are The Supreme Truth to be explored and attained. You are the ultimate protection of the universe. You are the protector of the eternal dharma (order). You are the original human being”.

Anaadi madhya ant manant veerya manant baahum

Pashyaami tavam deepathu taashvaktram sava tejsaa vishmidam tapantam (19)

“I see you as the infinite power without the origin, the middle or the end. I see you as with many arms. I see you as in possession of many kinds of suns and moons as your eyes. I see your mouth emitting blazing fire scorching the entire universe”.

Dhyaavaa prithviyorid mantram hi vyaapatam tavayaikain dishshch sarvaa

Drashat vaad bhootam roop mugram tavedam lok trayam pravaythitam mahaatamaan (20)

“Oh great soul! You encompass and complete the entire universe situated between the earth and the heavens and all the directions of the universe. The inhabitants of all three worlds are trembling with fear when they see your splendid and formidable form”.

Ami hi tavaam sursangdaa vishanti kechibhaditaa praanjalyo grananti

Savasti tayuktaa maharishi sidh sangada satuvanti tavaam satutibhi pushaklaabhi (21)

“The celestial gods are entering enter within you. Some of them   out of the fear of you fold their hands and chant your name and your glories. The groups of sages and saints are praising your benevolence and chant for the welfare of all”.

Rudraadityaa vasvo ye ch saadhyaa vishve ashvinau marutashchosham paashch

Gandharavaykshyaasur sidh sangada vikshante tavaam vismit aashchaiva sarve (22)

“ All the celestial beings e.g., eleven rudras , twelve aadityaas , and eight Vasus , the enlightened persons , the gods of the world, the sons of the Ashvani, , the marudganas, and the group of forefathers, and gandharvaas, yakshyaas the demons, and the sages , amazingly look at you”.

Roopam mahte bahuvakra netram mahabaaho bahubaahu roopaadam

Bahudaram bahudanshtraakraalam drashtavaa lokaa pravayathit astathaaham (23)

Hey mahabaaho! All the people are getting restless looking at the incarnation presented by you, in which you possess many faces, eyes, arms, thighs, legs, bellies and your many dreadful teeth. Because all those demi gods are troubled, so am I distraught by your appearance in this dreadful form”.

Nabha sparasham deepatm anek varnam vyaataananm deepat vishaal netram

Drashtavaa hi tavaam pravayathit antraatmaa dhratim na vindaami shamam ch vishno (24)

“Because hey Vishnu!   When I look at you touching the sky, with blazing face, and many colorful forms, wide spread open mouth, the large shining eyes, I get sacred and I am not able to keep my peace or the courage”.

Danshrtaa karaalaani ch te mukhaanio drashatvaiv kaalaanal sannibhaani

Disho naa jaane naa labhe ch sharam praseed devesh jagannivaas (25)

“I am not able to recognize my directions when I look at your   mouth filled with huge tusks emitting fire and glowing like the fires of the extraterritorial disintegration. I do not find comfort in looking at what I am seeing. You must have mercy on me oh my lord and the protection of the universe. You should be happy”.

Ami ch tavaam Dhratrashtrasya putraa sarve sahevaavni paalsanghde

Bhishma dron sootputrsatast thaaso sahaasamdiyairapi yodh mukhvayai (26)

Vastaraani te tawarmaanaa vishanti danshtraa karaalaani bhyaankaani

Kechidwi lagnaa dashnantaantreshu sandrashayante churni tairutmangde (27)

“All the sons of Dhratrashtra, along with the other kings are entering within your being. The grand old man bhishma pitamah, Acharya Dron and Karan and all the military commanders form our army are too are quickly entering into your ferocious mouth   and many of them are visible as crushed like a powder in the huge teeth in your mouth”.

Yathaa nadeenaam bahavo ambuvegaa samudra mevaa bhimukhaa dravanti

Tatha tavaami narlokveeraa vishanti vaktraanaybhi vijavalanti (28)

“Just as the rivers flow automatically towards the sea and enter the ocean, the same ways the warriors form the mortal world are entering your blazing mouth”.

Yathaa pradeeptam javalanam patangdaa vishanti naashaay samarddh vegaa

Tathaiva naashaay vishanti lokastvaapi vaktraani samraddh vegaa (29)

“Just as the moth gets attracted by the flame of the fire and enters it with a fast speed, the same way all these people are hurling themselves into your mouth for annihilation”.

Lelihayase grasmaan samannataallokaan samagraanvdanaijvarlabdhi

Tejo bhirapurya jagat samagaram bhaassatvograa pratapanti vishno (30)

“You are licking all those worlds with your fire emitting mouth, from all the sides oh vishno. Your brilliance is burning up the entire universe with your warmth”.

Aakhyaahi me ko bhavaan ugra roopo namo astu te devvar praseed

Vigyaatumichchaami bhavant maadhyam na hi prajaanaami tava pravartim (31)

“Pray tell me who you are in this ferocious form. Oh the supreme amongst the gods I bow before you.  Please be pleased. I want to get enlightened about you because I am not familiar with your nature”.

Kaalo asmi lok kakshaya krat pravradhdho lokaan samaahahrtumiha parvarta

Rite api tavaam na bhavishayanti sarve ye avisthita pratayani Keshu yodhaa (32)

Said lord Krishna,

“I am the mighty death that annihilates people. I have been manifested to destroy these people.  That’s is why all those warriors who are at present fighting from amongst the enemy sides will not survive irrespective of you being here or not. Meaning even if you do not take part in this war these people are destined to die”.

Tasmaat tavamutishath yasho labhasava jitvaa shatrun bhudakshava raajayam samradham

Mayevaite nihataa purvamaiv nimit matram bhava savay saachin (33)

“Thus you must get up and gain glory by fighting this war. You must conquer your enemies and celebrate the acquisition of the prosperous kingdom. All thses brave warriors have already been destroyed by me, and you are becoming only a catalyst in their annihilation”.

Dronam ch bhishanam ch jaydratham ch karanam tatha anyaanapi yodhviraan

Mayaa hataansatavam jahi maa vayathishthaa yudhayasva jetaasi rane sapatnaan (34)

“You must kill Dronacharya, Bhishma, Jaydratham, and Karan and all others of these warriors who have already been killed by me. Do not fear. Undoubtedly you will win this war and hence you must fight this war”.

The lord is certainly on two fronts of emotional   faith building in Arjuna’s vacillating mind. He is on one hand telling him that all these people who have been deprived of their moral character, and have been siding with the immoral king and his son Dhuryodhna, are as good as dead for the lord himself. Hence no second thought should be spared by Arjuna to kill those warriors whose ethics and morality have already killed their conscious soul.  In god’s estimate all those who side and align with evil doers are virtually dead people because their conscious dies. And again these people who are living like the dead will not have the necessary strength and the power to fight and defend themselves against the onslaught of the truth, thereby making Arjuna win and vanquish even the mightiest of these warriors with their dead souls.

Sanjay who has been explaining the happenings of the war to his master kuru king Dhratrashtra explains to his king,

Aituchchhutwaa vachanam keshvasay krataanjli verpmaan kireetee

Namaskratavaa bhuya evaah krashanam sagadgadam bheet bheet Pranamay (35)

Said Sanjaya

“After hearing these words of Keshava (another name for lord Krishna) the crowned Arjuna got up from his seat and paid his obeisance to God with trembling folded hands and   in a fearful prostrate position spoke to lord Krishna in a choked voice”.

Said Arjuna,

“Sathaane hrishikesha tava prakeetaryaa jagat praharshayatay nurajayate ch

Rakshaamsi bheetaani disho dravanti sarve namasayanti ch sidha sangada (36)

“Oh Krishna! It is appropriate that the world the world rejoices while singing your praises and glories and attaining the supreme. The demons are running into different directions out of the fear of your mighty powers. All the sages who have achieved enlightenment are paying their respects to you”.

Kasmaachch te na nameranam mahataman gareeyase brahamaano apyaadi kratare

Ananta devesh jagannivaas tavam aksharam sada satparam sata (37)

“ oh great soul even the ancestors of Brahma bow before  you and pay their respects to you. Because hey the supreme, the lord of all the worlds!  You are the word that is beyond the truth and the untruth and that you are the Brahama incarnated in reality, you are the Supreme Truth”.

Tavam aadideva purusha puraansatavamasya vishvasay param nidhanam

Vetaasi Vedayam ch param Ch dhaam tavayaa tatam vishvam anantroopa (38)

“You are the most ancient person. And you are the protector of the entire universe. And you are the supreme object of the knowledge to be attained. You are the supreme abode. Hey! You   are the lord of infinite and eternity. This world completes   with you and you pervade the entire universe”.

Vaayu aryamo Agni varuna shashaank prajaapati satavam prapita mahashch

Namo Namaste astu sahastra kratav punashch bhuyo api namo Namaste (39)

“You are the wind, the king of death, the fire god, the water god, the moon god, the creator Brahma and the father of Brahma. I bow before you many a thousand times. Please accept my obeisance. Again I pay my respects to you repeatedly”.

Namoh pursataadatha prashathtaste namo astu te sarvata eiv sarva

Anant viryaamit vikram satavam sarvam samaapnoshi tato asi sarvam (40)

“Oh the lord of infinite prosperity! I bow before you in your presence and bow even when you are not there. Oh the omnipotent my respects to you from all sides and all my being. Because you are the most powerful pervading the entire universe, hence you are omnipresent”.

Sakheti matvaa prasabham yadukatam he Krishna he yadava he Sakheti

Ajaanataa mahimaanaham tavedam mayaa praamaadaat pranayen vaapi (41)

Yachchaa vahaa saarthm satkroto asi vihaar shayyaaasan bhojneshu

Eko athvaapayachayut tatsamaksham tatkshyaamye tavaam ham prameyam (42)

“ I have not been aware of your might . I looked at you as my friend and out of my love for a friend I have addressed you as o Krishna, o yadava, oh friend, . I have said all that inadvertently and out of careless attitude. . I have in many other ways insulted you while playing with you, while sleeping, either alone or in the company of other friends. I request you humbly to   forgive my doings “.

Pitaasi lokasaya charaa charasya tavamasya pujayashch guru garareeyaan

Na tavatasamo asataya bhayadik kuto anyo lokatraye apaya pratim prabhaava (43)

““you are the farer of this living and the inanimate world .you are the eldest of all and you are worthy of being worshipped. Oh the most influential! No one can be equated with you and how can anyone be greater than you”.

Tasmaat Pranamay kaayam praasaadye tavaamhmish meedayam

Pitaiv putrasay sakhev sakhjyu priya priyaayaarhasi deva sodhum (44)

“That’s why hey God! I seek your mercy by bowing and paying my obeisance to you. I pray to the lord who is worthy of being worshipped for his forgiveness. Oh lord! You must bear with me as a father bears to his son, a friend to his friend and a husband to his wife and they bear all the wrongdoings, you should also pleas I pray bear my wrongdoings”.

Adrashtpurv harshito asmi drashtavaa bhayen ch pravaythitam mano me

Tadaiva me darshaya devroopam praseed devesh jaganniwaas (45)

“I am delighted to look at this never seen before incarnation of yours. I am besieged with fear. Hence I request you to please show me your Vishnu form of four arms only. Oh lord of the lords. Oh protector of the universe! Please have mercy on me”.

Kireetinam gadinam chakra hastam ichhiaami tavaam drashtu aham Tathaiva

Tainaiv rupen chaturbhujen sahastra baaho bhava vishav murte (46)

“ I wish to see you  in the same fashion in which you had been earlier i.e., with your head crowned , and with the mace and the discus in your hands. So I request you , the lord of the world  , please come back in the form with the four arms”.

Lord Krishna said,

Mayaa prassnanen tavaa Arjuna edam   roopam param darshitmaatam yogaat

Tejomayam vishva manant maadhyam yanme tavadanyen na drashat purvam (47)

“Oh Arjuna! On your insistence and after having been pleased with you I have shown you my celestial, supreme, shining, infinite larger than life form by my yogic powers. No one else except you has ever witnessed this form of my incarnation before”.

Na ved yagyaa dhyaya nainam daanairn ch kriyaabhinam tapo bhirugrai

Evam roop shakya aham Nara loke drsahtum tava danyen kuru praveer (48)

Oh Arjuna! In the human world no one else except you has been able to see this   cosmic form of mine,   whether it is neither by the study of the vedas, nor by the knowledge of the yagyaa, neither by the doing of the charity, nor by doing rituals and nor by the adhering to severe austerities”.

 Maa te vyathaa maa ch vimoodho bhaavo drashtavaa roopam ghor meedradhmamedam

Vayapetabhee preetamanaa puna satavam Tadaiva me roop midam prapashaya (49)

“You should however not get disturbed by looking at such an awful form of mine and neither should get perturbed. You are a fearless man of cheerful mind and hence behold    my four armed form again wherein I am holding the conch,   the club, the discus and the lotus”.

Sanjay who has been describing the scenes of the war ground to Dhratrashtra says,

Itiarjunam vasudeva astatha kathvaa savakam roopam daryaamaas bhuya

Aashvaasyaamaas ch bheetmenam bhutvaa puna saumayavapuram mahaatamaa (50)

“After having said these words to Arjuna, the lord Krishna returned to his four armed form and then the God Krishna, the great soul, had pacified Arjuna with his smiling grace”.

Drashat vedam maanushim roopam tava saumayam janardana

Idaanim asmi sanvrata sachetaa prakartim gata (51)

Arjuna said,

“Oh lord Krishna! After having witnessed your lovely form of human carnation, I have been able to gain my poise, and I have been able to reach my normal self”.

Shri Krishna said,

Sudu darsharmidam roopam drashatvaansi yanmma

Devaa apayasya roopasya nitayam darshankaadkshina (52)

“The four armed form of mine that you have seen is very rarely witnessed. Even the lesser cosmic gods yearn always to look at this form of mine which is not available to them”.

Naaham vedairan tapsaa na daanen na chejyayaa

Shakaya evam vidho drashatum drashat vaansi maam yathaa (53)

“The forearmed form that you have been witnessed cannot be seen by any one neither by the vedas, nor by the charity, nor by the performance of the yajna”.

Bhaktayaa tavaananyaa shakay aham evam vidho Arjuna

Gyaatum drashatum ch tatven praveshtum ch parantapa (54)

“Hey Arjuna, hey parantapa! I am though available to the one who is lost me is completely focused on me and who is keen to understand the mystery of the supreme truth with complete dedication”.

“Mat karma kranamtaparmo madbhaktaa sangada varjita

Nirvair sarv bhooteshu ya sa maameti pandava (55)

“Hey Arjuna! The person who is fully dedicated to do duty towards me only, is completely devoted to me, is my devotee, is devoid of any doubts, and is free from any kind of enmity towards  the other human beings- such a devoted  and fully dedicated person gets integrated into me and becomes my part only”.


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