Chapter 7 Saptmo Adhyaya- Awakening of the self

The chapters prior to this have dealt with the transcendental knowledge about the supreme truth.   Some of them have also delineated upon the facts about the way a yogi can attain the deliverance from the mundane  cycle of birth and the death  by meditating on the supreme truth   and  reach the God by way of   austere life style of a yogi  i.e., abstaining himself from the desires of the   senses . The lord has been benevolent enough to educate Arjuna about the karam yoga and the repletion of the supreme soul into the   selfless acts performed by a karam yogi for the greater   universal welfare , without harboring any kind of the desire and the expectation of the fruit from the action undertaken by the karamyogi. The attainment of the   path to the enlightenment about The God and about the supreme truth in a way can thus be looked at   as a very scientific and systematic way of living and devotion in all kinds of situations be it the sankhya yoga way, the  mode of the  acquisition of the transcendental knowledge ,  about the presence of the soul into the supreme soul  and of the supreme soul being integrated  into souls of all the living beings , or even the karamyogi way by just doing ones duty for the greater larger universal welfare. This chapter   in continuity of the same scientific approach delves deep into emotional understanding of the supreme truth and the God himself, as the lord reveals to Arjuna, the way he can reach The God and get his soul incorporated into the supreme soul of the almighty himself.

Said lord Krishna to Arjuna,

Mayyaasaktamanaa parth yogam yujjanmdaashray

Asanshayam samagaram maan yathaa gyaasayasi tachchhranu (1)

“ O parth, with your mind engrossed in me with fully dedication and devotion,   and by being aware of the power ,grandeur and the  opulence  of every soul   that I represent ,  you can know about me by performing yogic practices,  free from any disbelieve”. 

Gyaanam teaham savigyaanamidam vakshyaamayasheshata

Yagyaatvaa neh bhuyo anyagyaatavayamava shishayate (2)

“I shall speak about the   scientific as well the celestial  knowledge to you and   nothing in this world will need to be learnt  and explored  further  after having been  enlightened about the same’.

Manushayaanaam   shasataraeshu kashchidhayataati siddhaye

Yatataamapi sidhaanaam kaschiminaam veti tatavata (3)

It is only   the exceptional one person out of many thousands of persons who tries to reach me by way of salvation  and out of those  many yogis  who meditate   upon me   only  one   rare can truly understand my mystery and my mysticism  and my  true nature ”.

Bhoomiraapoanalo vaayu kham mano buddhirevach

Ahankaaaram itiyam me bhinna prakaratirashatadhaa (4)

Apareyamati tatasanvayaam prakaratim vidhi me praam

Jeevabhootaam mahabaaho yayedam dhaarayate jagat (5)

“the earth, water, the fire, the sky, the intellect,   the ether, the ego and the mind are kind of eightfold divisions of my true nature and this is my material energy which happens to be my lower nature and my other higher and the superior nature energy of mine by which I sustain and hold this entire universe is my soul and the spirit and my true nature ’.

Etadhyonini bhootaani sarvaanitayupadhaaraya

Aham kratasanasay jagata prabhava pralayasatathaa (6)

“ oh Arjuna you should understand this fact that all living beings ( the organic ), and the inorganic    have been created and evolved  on account of these two  fold natures of mines   i.e.,  the lower energy and the supreme energy.  I am the creator of this entire universe I am the destroyer of this world and I am the major causative factor of the universe”.

Mata parataram naanayatakimchidasti dhananjaya

Mayi saravamidam protam sootre maniganaa eev (7)

“Hey dhananjaya besides me and there is no other force or the energy superior to me.   Everything in this entire universe is strung on to my force like the jewels on a necklace are strung on to the string of the necklace and they together make it a necklace”.

Rassoahampasu kaunteya prabhaasami shashisooryayo

Pranava saravavedeshu shabada khe paurushum narashu (8)

“You should understand oh son of Kunti! , that I am the sweetness of the water, I am the light and the shine in the sun and the moon, I am the omkaar in all the vedaas I am the sound in the ether and I am the potency in all the human beings of the universe”.

Punyo gandha prathviyaam cha tejashchaasmi vibhaavasau

Jivanam saravbhooteshu tapasachaami tapasavishu (9)

“I am the pious fragrance in the earth. I am the heat in the fire and I am the life in all organic beings and I am the, austerity, the penance and the meditation in all the ascetics”.

Beejam maam saravabhutaanaam vidhi parth sanaatam

Budhdhi bhurdhddhirmatamasmi tejastejasvi naamham (10)

“Oh Arjuna! You should know that I am the eternal seed of all organics and living beings. I am the intellect of the intelligent and I am the brilliance amongst the brilliant”.

Balaam balwataam chaaham kaamraaga vivajaratim

Dharma virudhdho bhooteshu kaamo asmi bharatsharbha (11)

“Oh the most superior of the Bharat clan! I am the strength of the strong   that is devoid of the sensual pleasure and the gratification meaning I am their force thereof. And in all human beings I am the dharma (sacred order) that operates as per the law of the nature (for the purpose of perpetuation of the generations by way of procreation”.

He chaiva saatvikaa bhaavaa rajasaastaamasaashch ye

Mata eveti taan vidhi na tavaham teshu te mayi (12)

“And you should know that all kinds of emotions that are generated by the satavguna,  by the  rajoguna and   by the tamoguna emanate from me only but in reality I pervade within all three kinds of emotions and not these gunas pervade within me”.

Tribhirgunamayaibhhaaravairaibhi saravamidam jagat

Mohitam naabhijanaati maamebhaya paramvyayam (13)

“It is on account of the saatvikaa, the rajas, and the tamsik nature that this entire world and especially the human beings are getting deluded and getting lost into the sensual world and they do not know about me and recognize me – the eternal, and the indestructible who is beyond all the three gunas”.

Daivee hayeshaa gunamayee mama mayaa duratayayaa

Maameva ye prapadhyante maayaametaan taranti te (14)

“It is because the divine power that I possess (the maya) consisting of three states of matter or mind that men find it difficult to comprehend about me and my maya is, very difficult to overcome. But those of the human being who defy the maya and the three gunas  i.e., the saatvika, the rajas, and the tamsik,  are able to reach emancipation from the mortal world and find deliverance to get assimilated into the supreme truth”.

Na maam dushkritino moodhaa prapadhyante naraadhamaa

Mayyaaphrat gyaanaa aasuram bhaav maashritaa (15)

Those of the ignorant whose intellect has been deluded by the sensual pleasures and the men who have the nature of indulging into the baser and depraved activities, such men do not recognize me and they do not meditate upon me”. Chaturvidha bhajante maan janaa sukritino Arjuna

Aarto jigyaasur arthaarthee gyaani ch bharatsharbha (16)

“oh the superior   most of all the bharat clan, I am worshipped and meditated upon by four kinds of virtuous people and these are the ones who always will do the most appropriate good and hence they become the seekers of the self, the seeker of solace on account of their being distressed, the seekers of the wealth and the ones who have attained enlightenment about the supreme truth and have been able to gain deliverance”.

Teshaam gyaani nityayukta ekbhakti virshishayate

Priyo hi gyaanino atayarthmaham sa ch mam priya (17)

“And out of all my devotees I like the one who is most   enlightened as he is most devoted to me and is ever united with me steadfast and with unquestioned emotions of love and affection, because the one who has attained enlightenment loves me dearly and I in return love the most who has attained enlightenment about my celestial as well as ethereal spirit”.

Oodaaraa sarva evaite gyaani tvaatamaiva me matam

Aastitha sa hi yoktaatmaa maamevaanutamaan gatim (18)

“All those who love me dearly are very generous but I believe that the one who is enlightened is a complete reincarnation of me only   because   the one who is steadfast and the one who displays the unquestioned love in me is Infact   totally integrated   into me only “.

The lord says, such a person as has attained enlightenment about the supreme truth,  who has attained a total effacing of his own personality and has  submerged his ego into that of the supreme ego of the lord  and has  thus such a person e is nothing but  the  reincarnation  of the lord  only and He abides in such a person as the lord loves him most dearly.

Bahoonaan janamaanamante gyaanvaanmaan prapdhayate

Vasudeva sarvmiti sa mahaatamaa sudurlabha (19)

“It is only after many births and incarnations that an enlightened person is able to attain the knowledge about my celestial and ethereal spirit and become the manifestation of the supreme truth and meditates upon me   . Such a great soul gets manifested   very rarely”.

Kaame satai satai hartagayaanaa prapadhayante anyadevtaa

Tan tan niyammaasthaay praktayaa niyataa savayaa (20)

“Such persons as have lost their discernment to various kinds of desires indeed meditate upon different gods to appease them and by practice such persons perform different lid of rituals to propitiate these gods for the fulfillment of their desires of the senses”.

Yo yo yaan yaan tanun bhakta shradhayaarchitu michchhati

Tasya tasyaachalaan shradhaan taamev viddhaamayaham (21)

Sa tayaa shradhayaa yuktasatasayaaraa dhanmeehate

Labhate ch tata kaamaanmyaiva vihitaanhi taan (22)

“Such a person full of devotion worships and meditates upon that demi God and through that demi God he attains all those desired results which are but ordained by me only”.

Antavatu phalam Teshaam, tadabhavatay alpamedhasaam

Devaandevayajo yaanti madbhaktaa yaanti maamapi (23)

But all those attained blessings   which are material in nature, as have been attained by worshipping upon the demi gods   by not so enlightened are perishable in nature and are short lived and they can reach only those demi gods upon whom they have meditated for, on the contrary my devotees will   eventually attain my manifestation irrespective of the mode of meditation adopted by them”.

Avayakatam vyaktimaapannam manyante maabudhaya

Param bhaavam jaananto mamaavyayaman utamam (24)

“The ignorant persons with dumb intelligence do not understand and comprehend my, incomprehensible e, transcendental and eternal form and hence they believe that I am also born like the other humans   and I take the form of humans through the womb of a mother and I have the emotional mindset similar to all other humans”.

Naaham prakasha sarvasaya yogmaayaa samaavarat

Moodho ayam naabhi jaanaati loko maamjama vayayam (25)

“I however remain eclipsed behind my yoga mayaa and I remain invisible and that is the reason that such unenlightened group of people do not know about my perpetuity and eternity and they believe me to be the mortal like any other mortal being on the earth”.

Veda aham samatitaani vartamaanaani chaarjuna

Bhavishyaani ch bhootaani maan tu Veda naa kaschana (26)

“Hey Arjuna! I am in the know of the past and the future events, and I am aware of the present and I know of all the periods but no one who is not enlightened and has  not  the devotion and the trust in me knows about me “.

Ichchhaa dwesh samutthen dwandaw mohein bharata

Sarv bhootaani sammoham sarge yaanti parantapa (27)

‘Oh the scion of the bharata Arjuna! In this world all persons remain in utter ignorance owing to their being deluded on account of the happiness and unhappiness, the comforts and the discomforts, and the likes and dislikes being expressed by them in terms of their sensory and materialistic pleasures”.

Yeshaam tavantagatam paapam janaanaam punyakarmnaam

Te dwandaw mohni murkta bhajante maam dradh vrataa (28)

“But all those human beings whose transgressions have been obliterated on account of their selfless deeds of universal welfare, such pious and free from any kind of attachment persons, meditate upon me in all my forms”.

Jaraamaran mokshayaay maam aashritya yatanti ye

Te braham tadavidu kratanam madhyaataman karam chaakhilam (29)

“ those devotees of mine who come to me and surrender their total self to me for the deliverance from the cycle of death and birth, become enlightened about the supreme truth and they can understand the omnipotence of the supreme truth and the creator of the earth”.

Saadhi bhootaadhi daivam maam saadhi yagyam ch ye vidu

Praayaan kaaleapi ch maam te vidu yurkata chetasa (30)

“ those of the human beings who know have attained enlightenment about me as being the basis of all the  mortal beings, chronological Beings, and the perpetual Beings  even at the time of death such persons attain deliverance from the mortality cycle and they attain immersion into my being and become the part of my perpetuity”.


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