CHAPTER 9 Navmo Adhyaya The Scientific Enlightenment of the Supreme and the Unraveling of the Transcendental

In this chapter the lord Krishna unravels to Arjuna the secrets of the scientific basis of the supreme power, the Super Energy that is responsible for the existence of the universe. The lord reveals to Arjuna the unmanifested form of the God and the existence of the elements into the unmanifested form and of the invisible into the elements that are felt and seen by the human generations on the earth. Those who do not believe into this form of the God have been said to be consigned to the whirlpool of the life and death on the earth. While all others, the enlightened ones who have been able to feel the presence of the supreme truth into the elements and have acknowledged his   invisibility as the medium of his nature that builds up the universe, the air, the sky and the other elements have been said to have achieved the deliverance from the cycle of the birth and the death. They have been said to have integrated themselves and their souls into the supreme truth. All the events have been explained as the scientific operation of the creation and the existence of the natural forces which are manifested by the lord himself. The lord explains to Arjuna the path of reaching the emancipation by way of the taking to the scientific path of the enlightenment.

Says lord Krishna to his most dear disciple Arjuna,

Idam tu te guhayatam pravakshyaamayan suyave

Gyaanam vigyaan sahitam yagyaatvaa mokshayse shubhaat (1)

“To the one devotee like you who is free from any doubt and the   to the one who does not disbelieve my Supreme Power I shall now reveal the prime secret of the scientific transcendental knowledge which will lead you to deliverance from the miseries of the world”.

Raaj Vidya raaj guhayam pavitar mid muktamam

Pratayaksh aavagamam dhamaryam susukhamama kartum vayayam (2)

“This scientific enlightenment and the knowledge is the supreme knowledge, the most secretive of the all secrets, intensely pure, hugely supreme providing for the direct benefits, righteous in nature, easy to   observe and practice and yielding to eternity and in- destructive in nature”.

Ashraddhanaa purushaa dharamasayasay parantapa

Apraapaya mam nivartante maratyu sansaar vartamani (3)

Hey parantapa! (Another name for Arjuna) and those of the persons who do not have the faith in the religion as I have mentioned earlier, do not get integrated into me.  Such persons as are devoid of the faith and the devotion remained involved into the cycle of the birth and the death on the earth”.

Mayaa tatmidam sarvam jagdavyakta murtina

Matsthaani sarv bhutaani na chaaham teshav vastitha (4)

“This entire universe is but the manifestation of Me the formless God. This entire universe is transparent like the ice formed out of the clear water. And it’s everything and every element is dependent on Me. I am not dependent on them but I am the uppermost of   all these elements”.

Na cha Matsthaani bhutaani pashaya me yogamaishavaram

Bhoot brahan ch bhutastho mamaatamaa bhoot bhavan (5)

“You should perceive my divine mystery.  I am the creator and the sustainer all these elements   but these are in realty not dependent on me and nor do I depend on them yet we both remain integrated within each other i.e., these elements are like the gold and the gold chain wherein the gold chain is not dependent on gold, it is but gold itself. The matter and the energy are different from each other and at the same time these are non different too”.

Yathaa kaashsatitho nitayam vaayu sarvatrago mahaan

Tatha sarvaani bhootaani matsthaanityupdhaarya (6)

“You should learn that just like the mighty wind moving everywhere is always situated in the atmosphere the same way all organisms that has been created by Me is integrated within me”.

Sarv bhootaani kaunteya prakaratim yaanti maamikaam

Kalpakshye punastaani kalpaadau visarjaay mayaham (7)

“All the organism created by me eventually integrate into Me at the end of the specified periods o Arjuna and I make them again at the beginning of another cycle of specified period “.

Prakaratim swam vashtabhaya visarjaami puna puna

Bhootgraamimam kratsanam vasham prakarte varshaat (8)

“ I create all living  beings again and again depending upon their   Karmas   by my material nature as these beings are always under the   control of my material nature “.

Na cha maam taani karmaani nibdhananti dhananjaya

Udaasin vadaasinmasaktam teshu karamsu (9)

“However Arjuna these   acts of the creations that have been created by me are not binding upon me as I remain indifferent and un-attached to these karmas’.

Mayaadhaykshen prakrati sooyate sacharaacharam

Hetunaa nein kaunteya jagadawi parivaratate (10)

“Hey Arjuna! You should know that   my celestial force of motion in collaboration with the material nature creates all matter i.e., the living and the inanimate under my authority and the same celestial force of mine keep the universe going”.

Avajaananti mam moodhaa maanushim tanumaashritam

Param bhaavam jaananto mam bhoot maheshavaram (11)

“Those of unenlightened persons, who do not know my transcendental nature and know only about my human manifestation, take me to be an ordinary human person and hence they consider me contemptible”.

Moghaashaa mogh karmaano mogh gyaanaa vichetasa

Rakshsi maasuri chaiv prakritam mohinim shritaa (12)

‘They are forever involved into the false hopes, futile   actions, and into the ineffective knowledge with their delusions and the fiendish nature and hence they are not in a position to recognize my transcendental nature which has come to the world in the human form for the welfare and the emancipation of the world “.

Mahaatamaanastu mam parth daiveem prakartima aashritya

Bhajantaya nanaya manso gyaatvaa bhootaadim vayayam (13)

“But hey Arjuna the son of Kunti! Those of the devotees who depend upon and believe into the divine transcendentalism know me as the   absolute creator and the cause of all the living beings. They perceive me as the eternally indestructible word of Om and they worship me consistently with single minded devotion”.

Satatam keeratyanto mam yatantasch dradh vrataa

Namasayantashach mam bhaktayaa nitaya yukata upaasate (14)

“Those of my devotees with their firm resolve and intense love sing my praises, bow prostrate in front of me ,  eulogize my persona   to attain me and get integrated into me to seek salvation and deliverance”.

Gyaan yagyen chaapyanye yajanto maam upaasate

Ekataven prathakatvain bahudaa vishvot mukham (15)

“Some other enlightened persons worship me by acquiring knowledge about the unmanifested invisible God and some other men adore me as the omnipotent infinite celestial power “.

Aham kraturaham yagyaa swadhaa hamham aushadham

Mantro aham hame vaajayam hamagniraham (16)

“I am the ritual. I am the yagyaa. I am the offering meant for the yagyaa. I am the herb. I am the mantra. I am the purified oil to be used in the fires of the yagyaa. I am the fire. And I am the process of the yagyaa and the oblation thereof”.

Pitaa hamasya jagto dhaataa Pitamaha

Vedayam pavitar omkaar riksaam yajurev cha (17)

“I am the possessor of the entire universe .I am the one who rewards the doer.  I am the father, the mother, the grandfather. I am the subject of the enlightenment. I am the holiness. I am the name Om that humans chant. I am the Rig Vedas. I am the Saam vedas and I am the Yajur Vedas too”.

Gati bhartraa prabhu saakshi nivaas sharanam suharat

Prabhava pralay sathaanam nidhanam Beejam vyayam (18)

“I am the sacred destination of the Supreme truth.  I am the provider. I am the lord of all beings. I am the promise and I am the ominous.  I am the abode of all living and the inanimate. I am the worthy refuge. I am the benefactor. I am the creator and the destroyer of every one.  I am the foundation of all state of affairs. I am the    solution and I am the constructive cause, the eternal seed”.

Tapaamayamham varsham nigrahanaamayut srajaami cha

Amaratam chaiv maratayushch sada sachch aham Arjuna” (19)

“I am the one who provide heat as the Sun. I accumulate rain and make it fall in the universe. Oh Arjuna! I am the nectar of immortality. I am the death and I am the spirit and the matter”.

Trai vidhyaa mam sompaa poot paapaa yagyai rishtvaa sawargatim praathyante

Te punyamaa saadhyam surendar lokam shananti divyaandivi dev bhogaan (20)

“I am the performer of the rituals specified in three vedaas. I am the drinker of the nectar of the dedication. I am worshipped by those who have been absolved of their sins and transgressions, and look for the deliverance into the heavens. Such persons enjoy the fruits of their karmas and the blessings of the celestial gods in the heavens “.

Te tam bhuktvaa sawarg lokam vishaalam kshine punaye maratyu lokam vishanti

Aivam triya dharmamnu prapanna gataa gatam kaam kaamaa labhante (21)

“Thereafter after having enjoyed the luxury of the heavens and after the completion of their pious deeds they return to the   mortal world of the humans   on the earth. In this manner those persons who have resorted to the systems mentioned in the vedas for the attainment of the heavens, and those who are desirous of the pleasures of the heavens, get consigned to the mortal world frequently. They go to heavens when they have adequate credits of the pious deeds to their benefit and they having exhausted their pious deeds account come back to the earth”.

Ananya ashchint yanto mam ye janaa paryu paste

Teshaam nitya abhiyuktaanaam yogkshemam vahaamayaham (22)

“I personally consecrate those devotees whom I love and who consistently    venerate me and are devoted to me without the expectations in return”.

Ye apyanya devtaa bhaktaa yajanto shradhayaanvitaa

Te api maamev kaunteya yajanya vidhi purvakam (23)

“Such   of those devotees who revere other deities, also worship me only but this veneration performed by them is more out of ignorance and hence is not carried out in the correct manner”.

Aham hi sarva gyaanam bhoktaa cha prabhurev cha

Na tu maam bhijaanti tatvenaa tashchayvanti te (24)

“This is so because I am the Supreme truth. I am the enjoyer of all kinds of sacrificial services. I am the lord of the universe. Such as those devotees who do not have knowledge about my transcendental spirit fail in their doings and hence they are consigned to the whirlpool of the birth and the death”.

Yaanti dev vrataa devaan pitra anyaanti pitra vrataa

Bhutaani yaanti bhutejyaa yaanti madhyaa jino api maam (25)

“The admirers of the deities go to the deities. The reveres of the ancestors go the ancestors. The worshippers of the spirits get consigned to the spirits. But those devotees who worship me do come to me only. They get incorporate into me and such devotees are not subjected to the cycle of the rebirth”.

Patram pushpam phalam toyam yo me bhaktyaa prayachchhati

Tadaham bhaktyu paharat mashnaami pratayaataman (26)

“Any of those devotees of mine who on account of their deep devotion offer me the virtuous leaf, flowers, fruits, or water, I would appear in person and accept   the offerings presented to me by the pure hearted self-sacrificing devotees”.

Yatkroshi yadshnaasi yajjuhoshi dadaasi yata

Yat pasayasi kaunteya tat kurushav madarpanam (27)

The lord tells Arjuna,

“Hey Arjuna, whatever you   do , eat, consume , whatever you offer as the offerings to the sacred fire, whatever you offer in the charity, whatever worship you perform you should present to me as offerings towards my worship”.

Shubh ashubh phalairevam mokshayase karam bhandanai

Sanyaas yog yuktaatma vimukto maamu paishayasi (28)

“   All the doings are basically   inherent with my presence and they all reach me only. you too shall be  emancipated and become free from the   burden of the good or the bad, the ominous or the auspicious  and you will eventually delivered to me only and be integrated into me, on account of your sacrificing nature”.

Samo aham saravbhooteshu na me dweshyo asti na priya

Ye bhajanti tu mam bhaktyaa mayi te teshu chaapayaham (29)

“I am innate into all the living beings. I neither love any one nor do I detest anyone, but anyone who worships with devotion and affection, they are part of me and I am inherent in them visibly and they too exist in me”.

Api chetsu durachaaro bhajate mamnayabhaak

Saadhurev sa mantavay samayag vayavasito hi sa(30)

“Even if the if the most corrupt wicked person worships, me with single-minded loving devotion, such a person is worthy of being regarded as a saint because he has proved to be a person who is capable of making the right resolution’.

Kshipram bhavati dharmaatamaa shashavchhaantim nigachchaati

Kaunteya prati jaanihi na me bhakta pranshayati (31)

“Such a person soon converts as the righteous person and he attains eternal peace. You should be aware, Arjuna that none of my devotees ever comes to any harm and annihilation”.

Maam hi parth vayap aashrita yeapi syu paayonya

Sviyo vaishyaastathaa shudraasteapi yaanti praam gatim (32)

“ hey  Arjuna whether it is a woman, a sinner or a person who works at the burial grounds, anyone  coming under my protection ,  can get deliverance and attain  the supreme truth”.

Kim puna brahamana punyaa bhaktaa raajrashayasatathaa

Anitayam sukham lokmimam praapaya bhajasav maam (33)

“It then obviously becomes comparatively simple for the devout brahaman and spiritual royals and yogis who attain The Supreme Truth. That’s why you should also eulogise and worship me with dedication and devotion after having been incarnated into the form of a human on this earth”.

Manmanaa bhav mad bhakto madhyaaji maam namaskuru

Maame vaishayasi yukatavaiva maatmaanam mat praayan (34)

“You should therefore always engage your mind in thinking about me. You should become my devotee and worship me. You should pay obeisance to me. You should in this manner become a part of me, the higher soul and eventually you should be integrated into me”.


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